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T.V. Broadcasting / Channel Playout / Satellite Uplink Center

Swissco Media

Channel branding / Post-Production / Promos & Idents


Swissco Media

T.V. Broadcasting / Channel Playout / Satellite Uplink Center / Channel branding / Art & Motion Graphics / Promos & Idents

Your vision is our mission. Powered by market knowledge with almost 2 decades of experience in Broadcasting with high standards, Swissco Media enables every step in the entertainment value chain from development and production to marketing and distribution together with assisting and guiding newcomers to this busy industry.

We work closely with major satellite companies, consulting, and business advisory services for TV broadcasting startups by helping newcomers to make the right choice in agreements backed by professional technical support. Our services incorporate market audience, market research, age group, current country political views, competition, TV content providers and more.

To start your TV channel, you’ll need a professional, flexible and reliable service to both start-up and established channels looking to broadcast their content to a global audience. Our particular expertise is within helping new channels choose the right solution and the right audience, as well as offering specialist advice to ensure a successful broadcasting strategy.

Swissco Media develops key partnerships with top creative talent. We understand that it is crucial to have a confident team of producers, writers and film editors, motion graphic designers, promo productions, identity, and marketing & sales.